What Is Consignment?

What is Consignment? Is It Right For My Shop?

NOTE: Consignment services are only available to auto repair businesses within our local service area of Central North Carolina, USA. Any shop located outside of our service area is NOT eligible for this service.

What is Consignment?

When you think of the word consignment, the little shop on the corner that sells the odd varieties of products and gadgets may come to mind. In the consumer world, that usually is the purpose of a Consignment Shop. However, with USS Auto Parts, consignment serves a much different purpose.

We use consignment as a service for our customers. For many of our product lines, including our flagship Premium Guard brand, we offer the use of these products at no initial cost to the customer. What does that mean? As an example, let's say that an auto repair shop wanted to start carrying the industry top 100 air filters in their shop to offer to their local customers during an oil change. As a parts supplier, we would supply those top 100 air filters for that shop in-house that they can then sell them to their customers - at no upfront cost. The only time that they would pay for anything is when they used an air filter and it was replaced by their sales rep.

Is Consignment right for my shop?

What's the advantage of this? For one, it's a great way for newer repair shops to have the working inventory they need to increase their sales without breaking the bank. Also, if your shop isn't very close to the nearest parts store, and it takes 30 minutes or longer to call out for an oil filter, air filter, brake pad, etc. then having products on consignment in your shop would be a great time saver both for you, and your customers.

To be sure, since every auto repair and service business is different, we offer different consignment services that are tailored to each individual business. With that being said, the best way to learn more would be to contact your sales rep, or send us an email. We would love to share more details with you and see if consignment would be the right tool for your business.