Your Auto Repair Shop Supply & Inventory Management Partner

For over 30 years, we've been a leading supplier of automotive products and supplies to repair shops and quick lubes of all shapes and sizes. Specializing in inventory management and offering quality products, we are your "one stop shop" to keep your automotive service shop, tire shop, or quick lube up and running. With our expert team of Sales Reps, we can come to you. Our service area includes the entire Central, Southern, and Mid-Western Part of North Carolina, as well as the northern region of South Carolina. 

Brands You Know & Trust

Brands you can trust. Motorcraft, Premium Guard, SUR&R, Trico, Super S, Warsaw Chemical

Service That Sets the Standard

We are a vehicle maintenance and service parts distributor. This means that we provide many different types of parts, materials, and consumables (disposable parts) to mechanic garages, service stations, quick service facilities, tire shops, and car dealerships.

If you live within our Service Area, our Sales Reps come to you each week, deliver the parts that you need, and then take inventory of what needs to be delivered the next week. They take the guesswork out of "Do I have that filter number?", as well as keep you updated and supplied with the newest products that come to market.

People That Keep You Going

Our Sales Reps are trained to provide the highest quality service and attention. Most of them have a rich background in the automotive parts industry, so they know a thing or two about what they do. With weekly account service in our area, they make sure that you always have what you need, when you need it. 

Our office and warehouse staff are just as dedicated in providing that service that sets the bar high. We ship all over the country, so inside sales provides the same level of service you would find right at home at your local parts store.  And, with time tested and proven quality control and assurance protocols, they make sure that the right parts get to the right shops, at the right time.