5 Automobile Maintenance Services That Most People Overlook

5 Automobile Maintenance Services That Most People Overlook

For this week's blog post, we're taking a look into the lesser known services that many repair shops offer. Of course, you as the business owner know about these services, but do your customers? Check out the following 5 services that many consumers don't think to ask their mechanic about.

1. Power Steering Fluid Service

Many consumers don't know that this is something that needs to be maintained. They just know that their steering wheel works, and that they know they can turn it easily and smoothly. However, over time, as the system picks up dirt and moisture, the components can start to clog and eventually lead to a failure. To help prevent this, add a bottle of LUBEGARD Power Steering Fluid Protectant if their power steering system is starting to show signs of wear.

2. Wheel Alignment

If your shop offers this service, how can a customer know that they might need an alignment done? If their car is pulling to one side or the other, steering erratically, even shooting across lanes with minimal movement of the wheel, or if the tires are starting to wear unevenly - it's time for an alignment.

3. Cabin Air Filter

Just like the power steering system, many consumers don't even know that a cabin air filter exists. But, they DO know that their car just started smelling like a high school gym locker. If left in, an old cabin air filter can start to grow mold on the outside, and could send mold spores into the cabin of the vehicle. Depending on the air quality in your area, most manufacturers recommend changing the cabin air filter every 15-30,000 miles.

4. Timing Belt Replacement

Not all vehicles have timing belts. But, some people do mistake this part of the engine with the accessory drive (serpentine) belt, which powers all of the engine accessories. As we know, this belt is a critical component to the smooth operation of the engine, because a slipping or broken one could destroy many of the internals, like the valves and pistons. Depending on the manufacturer, most timing belts usually need replaced around 50-60,000 miles.

5. Brake Fluid Service

The Brakes on a vehicle are a hydraulic system. This means that there is fluid inside of a sealed pressurized line. However, the reservoir that holds the brake fluid is not sealed. Along with this, Brake fluid is hygroscopic, meaning that it can absorb water from the air. As this moisture permeates the whole system, the internals and hydraulics can corrode over time. If the brake fluid is a dirty brown color, it's time to be flushed out and replaced.

Even though these services don't take long to offer, they are a great cross-sell or upsell the next time your customer brings their car into your shop, and they feel great knowing that you're being proactive in looking out for their vehicle.