Xtra Seal™ Patch/Plug Combination Repair Units

Part #: 25-13-375 | Vendor: 31 Inc.

Combination repair units fulfill the industry recommended repair requirements of “filling the injury” and “patching the innerliner” for a one-piece repair system. Use when the injury angle is less than 25 degrees.

Lead-Wire Combination Units

  • For use in radial and bias ply tires
  • Designed for chemical or heat vulcanization
  • Patch portion has gray vulcanizing gum with blue poly backing
  • Stem portion is dip coated or wrapped with premium vulcanizing gum

Quilled Combination Units

  • For us in radial and bias ply tires
  • Designed for chemical vulcanization
  • Black vulcanizing gum, white backing
  • Equipped with quick-release metal quill for easy installation
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