QMI Trans Kit

QMI® Trans Kit

Part #: 18Q-GL1760 | Vendor: QMI

• Cleans internal transmission components
• Suspends abrasive wear metals and debris for fluid exchange removal
• Reduces wear and premature component failure
• Helps extend o-ring and seal life
• Compatible with all ATF type fluids
• Prepares transmission for new fluid
• Additive components restore lost protection
• Improves AFT’s thermal stability, reduces oxidation
• Reduces friction to help prevent transmission failure
• Helps maintain correct frictional levels to aid shifting
• Helps control mechanisms operate freely
• Reduces heat and stress to diminish ATF’s greatest enemy
• Elastomer rejuvenators help extend o-ring and seal life
• Gasket rejuvenators restore elasticity to prevent/reduce leakage
• Helps reduce expensive transmission repair costs

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