Premium Guard Cabin Air Filters

Premium Guard® Cabin Air Filters

Part #: 04-PC4012 | Vendor: Premium Guard

About Premium Guard Cabin Air Filters:

Particle Cabin Filters:

These filters keep dust and particles such as pollen, diesel soot, and tire dust away from the interior of the vehicle. Since it's important to achieve a high filtration performance in the space available, we have maximized the filtration area in our cabin filters without affecting the free flow of air into the passenger's cabin.

Activated Charcoal (C) Cabin Filters

Activated charcoal cabin filters offer enhance capabilities to ensure both clean air and a healthy cabin environment. Along with particle removal, it's empowered with an activated charcoal embedded in the media fibers. This aids in absorbing harmful gases such as nitrogen dioxide, fuels, and ozone. It also helps in eliminating odors resulting from mold or mildew buildup in the ventilation system.

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