PolyFreeze™ Gold Light Duty Antifreeze Concentrate - 1 Gal.

PolyFreeze™ Gold Light Duty Antifreeze Concentrate - 1 Gal.

Part #: 34-AFGold | Vendor: PolyFreeze

When used as directed, it offers superior performance in virtually every light duty automobile application. The proprietary inhibitor package is based on Hybrid OAT technologies.  It is low silicate and phosphate and 2-EH free.

PolyFreeze Gold provides 5-way protection against:

  • Freeze-up
  • Scale buildup
  • Rust corrosion
  • Boil over
  • Sludge/Clogging


  • Meets ASTM D-3306 Light Duty Specifications
  • Hybrid chemistry with long-life technology
  • 50/50 premix is blended with pure De-Ionized water for your quality needs
  • For all domestic and European models
  • Phosphate free and low silicate – the choice for European and Asian models
  • Compatible with all other conventional coolants
  • Proven technology over decades of use
  • For safety purposes all PolyFreeze antifreeze is blended with a bittering agent.

Net Content: 1 Gallon

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