Penray Engine Re-Charge Kit

Penray® Engine Re-Charge Kit

Part #: 18P-7502 | Vendor: Penray Products

  • Cleans the entire oil system
  • Reduces engine heat and wear to prolong the life
    of engine components
  • Boosts detergents and additives to extend engine oil life
  • Extends engine component life
  • Maintains engine performance and efficiency
  • Prevents corrosion and keeps engine clean
  • For professional use only

Penray 7512 Motor Flush: Dissolves the sticky and gummy deposits formed by internal combustion. These deposits cling to vital engine parts inside the engine even after an oil and filter change. After using Penray Motor Flush engine oil will circulate freely to all parts of the engine, freeing sticky valves and rings.

Penray 3112 Motor Aid Concentrated Oil Treatment: Stops excessive oil burning. Reduces exhaust smoke, increases compression power, and oil pressure.

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