Penray 2-Step Power Steering Fluid Tune-Up Kit

Penray® 2-Step Power Steering Fluid Tune-Up Kit

Part #: 18P-3902 | Vendor: Penray Products

  • Cleans and replenishes power steering systems using  conventional fluid
  • Decreases heat and friction to prolong component life
  • Reduces power steering fluid pump noise
  • Meets specs of GM, Ford, Chrysler and most domestic
    and foreign auto manufacturers

Penray 3964 Premium Power Steering Fluid: Meets specifications of GM, Ford, Chrysler, and most foreign auto manufacturers. Decreases heat and friction. Reduces power steering fluid pump noise.

Penray 3210 Automatic Transmission and Power Steering Fluid Sealer and Conditioner: Helps stop leaks due to drying and hardening of seals. Keeps seals soft and pliable. Conditions automatic transmission and power steering fluids. Mixes with all fluid types.

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