LUBEGARD Gear Fluid Supplement

LUBEGARD® Gear Fluid Supplement

Part #: 18L-30903 | Vendor: LUBEGARD

  • For use in all manual transmissions, manual transaxles, and final drives that require gear oil
  • Reduces drive train power loss
  • Lowers temperature and extends fluid life
  • Improves heat transfer from the fluid to the case wall and out the
    gear box
  • Improves all cold weather stiffness
  • Improves all manual & synchromesh transmission shifting characteristics
  • Reduces tooth drag and absorbs shock loads, thus improves the life of all gear units
  • Lowers friction on bearings and gears with high wiping stresses, especially hypoid gears
  • Minimizes oxidation and varnish deposits
  • Suppresses lubricant foaming
  • Safe for new MTF Fluids
  • Increases power transfer, reduces energy consumption
  • Decreases equipment operating and maintenance costs

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