Toyota OE Oil Filters

Part #: 01-04152-YZZA1 | Vendor: Toyota Motor Sales

About Toyota OE Oil Filters:

Genuine Toyota oil filters help protect your engine against dirt and other contaminants that can cause internal wear, while allowing adequate flow to internal engine components. These oil filters incorporate safety features like a bypass valve to help prevent restricted oil flow in the event of a clogged filter, and an anti-drainback valve, which prevents oil from draining from the engine into the oil pan during cold starts. Remember, not all oil filters meet Toyota’s stringent specifications. A non-Toyota filter element may not work as effectively and could even clog, causing costly engine damage. To protect your engine (and your pocketbook), always specify a Genuine Toyota oil filter.

 Toyota Number PG Crossover
YZZA1 PG5608
YZZA4 PG5702
YZZA6 PG6311
YZZD1 (short) PG241
YZZD3 (tall) PG241
YZZF1 (short) PG4476
YZZF2 (tall) PG4476
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