Clearplus Signature Beam Wiper Blades

Clearplus® Signature Beam Wiper Blades

Part #: 28-CPB14 | Vendor: Clearplus

Signature Series® combines the advantages of hinged frame blades with the styling and form of "Beam" blades. This product features our Leading Edge® rubber technology using highest grade all natural rubber formulation, precision slitting and Liquid Molybdenum coating on wiping rubber element.

  • Quick and Easy installation system optimizes low profile, safety and functionality features for new and old car models.
  • Greatly reduces driver visibility constraints common place from snow and ice buildup on conventional frame blades
  • Provides quiet, chatter, streak and smear-free wiping in both directions
  • Resistance to splitting and tearing due to road and weather conditions
  • Meets or exceeds all safety and durability standards established by the Society of Automotive Engineers.


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