CATACLEAN - Fuel & Exhaust System Cleaner

CATACLEAN - Fuel & Exhaust System Cleaner

Part #: 18C-120007D | Vendor: CATACLEAN

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Cataclean is a patented & EPA Approved fuel and exhaust system cleaner that reduces carbon build-up and also cleans your vehicle's oxygen sensors, fuel injectors and cylinder heads. Excess carbon build-up robs your vehicle of horsepower, wastes fuel and increases emissions output. Cataclean helps to reduce carbon build-up and optimizes your vehicles complete powertrain. Cataclean eliminates fuel injector build-up cleaning the fuel system for maximum power production.

Directions for use:

  • Pour entire contents of bottle into fuel tank
  • Drive for at least 15 minutes and refuel when necessary
  • For best results, it is recommended to add one bottle of CATACLEAN to approximately 1/4 tank of fuel.

Net Content: 16 fl. oz.

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