BANDO® Ribbed Belts

Part #: 06-Bando | Vendor: Bando USA

Trusted by the world's Top Automakers, Bando is OE on Domestic and Import nameplates.

V-ribbed belt is precision engineered for long life under severe operating conditions. Used on standard V-ribbed pulley and serpentine drives.


  • Combines our OE technology and experience to offer an accessory drive belt that outperforms the competition.
  • Extensive coverage for Domestic and Import applications.
  • Flexible, oil and heat resistant backing extend belt life.
  • Strong tensile cords carry high horsepower loads without stretching.
  • Ground rubber ribs are compounded from high strength synthetic rubber for wear resistance and long life.


  • Bando Rib Ace® exceeds OE manufacturing specifications.
  • Proprietary “Run Quiet” technology for better grip, less slip resulting in a quieter operation.
  • Precise metric sizing and machine cut ribs for a more exact OE fit.
  • Proprietary EPDM compounding for longer life.
  • Soft compound backing to reduce noise.
  • Bidirectional cord to eliminate tracking.


  • Automotive engine accessory drives, such as for air conditioning, alternator, power steering, etc.
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