PA5528 - Premium Guard Air Filter

PA5528 - Premium Guard Air Filter

Part #: 02-PA5528 | Vendor: Premium Guard

As our flagship air filter brand, Premium Guard offers a full line of air filters with nearly complete coverage for late models as well as older models.

These air filters are built to the highest standard to deliver optimal dirt-holding capacity, filtering efficiency and maximum protection for your engine from harmful airborne contaminants.

Enhanced Fuel Economy & Performance

  • Optimal fuel burning and improved engine combustion boosts your vehicle's overall fuel economy
  • Maximized flow of clean air into the engine enhances engine performance and power

Impressive Value

  • Affordable, direct to consumer prices
  • Exceptional value without sacrificing performance

Easy Installation

  • Manufactured to meet or exceed OEM requirements
  • OEM fitment ensures easy auto filter installation every time
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